Twins Always Take Care of Each Other!

Monday, February 25, 2013

A Basket Full of Broken Hearts

This is our basket full of broken hearts. 

One year's worth. 
One year's worth of tears and fear and tension and anxiety.

The CGM (continuous blood glucose monitor) sensor collection.

We love you CGM. You give us such comfort in knowing our little T1D girl is safe because you are watching over her. 

BUT...apparently those little suckers hurt for her when they are applied. And it creates a good amount of tension around her on "sensor-changing-day." 

Bad enough that it has to be done but imagine having to be the person that continuously has to be the source of this pain for your child. Yeah, I know, I shouldn't heap that on myself. Diabetes is the source of the pain. But, I am the person that, sensor after sensor has to look into her tear-filled eyes and convince her to let me do it. She knows it is in her best interest but it doesn't make it any easier on "sensor-changing-day." 

But here we are one year later. Better for what we have accomplished and corrected in that year with all of this great data we have collected and we have hit an exciting milestone! 

After an entire year of sensor sites on the belly, we have graduated to our first site on the back of the arm!

And it came with it's fair share of anxiety and tears but we made it and guess what? We are kinda liking it! 

Sometimes you just have to leap, ya know?