Twins Always Take Care of Each Other!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oh, the little things...

Oh how we worry about the little things. They seem so simple, don't they? And little. Perhaps to others. But to a T1D parent they are the little things that we dwell on and worry about on a regular basis. 

I am not referring to BG levels. Those worries fall into their own special category and we can talk about those another time! 

These are all of the things that add up to that special brand of crazy that only a T1D parent can appreciate. (and I say that loosely, as there are I am sure other serious and long-term diseases that parents must deal with that come with their own special brand of crazy... but we T1D claim our own)

For example:
Fighting the overwhelming urge you have to NOT over-treat your child's low. This is your baby (no matter how old they are) and it breaks your heart when they are feeling terrible, crying those huge tears and begging for something to eat yet you have already appropriately treated their low and you KNOW in your mind that you/they must just ride out that feeling and the BG will come up. But your HEART tells you  that you want to make them feel better so you WANT to give them something more so that they FEEL BETTER!!!! STRESS. We never want our children to feel poorly. And here we are making these decisions that are in their best interest... but it doesn't make it any easier!

AND let's talk about the overnight lows. Yes, most thankful for CGM technology that now reaches to my nightstand so I can at any time wake up and without getting out of bed look at her BG readings and know if she is OK or not. When she is not, when she is low in the middle of the night, the challenge begins. I have a DEEP sleeper on my hands, so first of all, getting her to wake up is a task in itself, especially if she is low. Stumbling over to her room and not breaking my neck because I was just startled awake by an alarming CGM is an accomplishment. Next, trying to convince her to wake up and further convince her to eat a couple of glucose tablets is about as frustrating as it gets (trying to feed glucose tablets to a rag doll comes to mind). The entire sequence of events must be about the most absurd looking thing (if anyone could ever see it). But my real worry? What is that doing to her teeth? Nothing I can do about it - have to treat the low. But here she is chewing sugar tablets in the middle of the night... often (not often, often... but you know... more than any other kid without diabetes). STRESS.

Or here's a really good one...testing. Gotta do it. A lot. No way around it. But on those little fingers, you only have so much real estate and you use it up quickly. I hate to see callouses on those delicate little finger tips. Well, perhaps callous is a strong word but they sure are taking a beating. And yet my girl is a trooper. Since she was diagnosed at the age of 3, I don't think she has complained or winced once over the testing. So brave and strong. Doesn't mean as parents we have to like it. STRESS. You would think in this age of technology, they could come up with some amazing gadget that would be far less invasive to accurately test BG levels. 

This is only a fraction of the list of "little things" that a T1D parent worries about. But in the interest of not boring everyone, I tried to keep it brief :-)

Bottom line, as a mother of a little girl with T1D - I "obsess," I "worry"... you know, I just want to get it right.  But I don't let it show. For her I will always be strong. I share it with others so they understand. I believe the more awareness we create for T1D, the better off we will be. Perhaps the closer to a cure. HOPE.