Twins Always Take Care of Each Other!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Our Type 1 Story

So, here is our story...We just "celebrated" our 4 years with type 1 diabetes. 

They were 3 years old and we thought everything was going along well... or as well as can be for the chaos that comes along with twins!

Then we noticed she started not acting quite right. Saying she wasn't feeling well before bed. We weren't quite sure what to do at first - thinking maybe it was just your typical ploy to get out of going to bed. But very quickly picked up on the fact that it was accompanied by intense thirst. It doesn't start out that way - it just starts out as asking for a little more, and a little more. Until it become "out of the ordinary." Extended all day long.
Then there was the lethargy. After waking in the morning - she would want to lay on the sofa for about an hour and I thought to myself... "wow, that just isn't right. A kid of this age really should have more energy."

So, I mention it to my husband. All of these "out of the ordinary" behaviors. And say - "watch her" and see what you think. "Something isn't right." I just knew. And after watching, he agreed. Then after clearing that validation, I mention it to my mom and sister on a shopping trip with the kids. I say, "watch her, see what you think. This just isn't right." And they too agreed. So that afternoon I called the pediatrician.

I get the nurse who I proceed to spill this whole story to and she asks me kind of a funny question. She asks, "is she acting "sick?" and I say, "well, no - not SICK." And she says, "well, we don't really test them unless they are acting sick." and I was at a loss. I said, "no, really. There is something WRONG with this child. You NEED to test her and it must be now." And now that I reflect further on this, that whole question really disturbs me. How many people walk away at that time? How many people are satisfied with that answer and don't demand that their child get proper help or testing? Maybe she was in a hurry. Maybe.

But when the urine results came back - it was Valentines morning (2009) that I got the call from the doctor. Yep, I knew I was in for bad news when I got a call on a Saturday morning - a holiday - from the actual doctor. She said there was sugar spilling into the urine and they wanted a blood test. So, I, still not grasping the gravity of that news, said "OK, well, it is Saturday and most labs aren't open, right? Should we do this Monday morning?" and she said, "No, you must leave the house right now and go to the hospital and they will run the test for you." OK, a little abrupt and this got me moving.

Now, the hospital is a good 20-25 minutes from my house so until we got there, had the test and drove home. We were surprised that our phone rang about 15 minutes after we walked back in the door. The doctor again. "OK" she says, "her blood glucose level is 619. I need you to pack some things in a bag - enough for 3 days - and drive to the hospital."

And so it began. Our diabetes life. It took me about 3 minutes on the phone with the doctor for it to really sink in and then to realize that we would face this with courage and grace and with our heads held high. We would be open and honest with people. That I would be her diabetes partner - that I would live my life as if it were my diabetes - for it is me that sacrifices sleep, it is me that has mastered everything there is to learn (although I believe there is always room for improvement) about her equipment and new technologies, I have become our resident expert on Type 1 Diabetes. I would give the world if I could just take this away and carry the burden for her. But I can't, so instead, I will make it as great as I can for her. I will have a great attitude. I will expose her to great things. I will show her that she can accomplish anything anyway. We are in this together - our whole family.

We hope for a day when she can live without diabetes. I believe with my whole heart, that she will see that day in her lifetime. There is currently no cure for Type 1 Diabetes... but we have HOPE ♥