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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pretty Fantastic Day

Pretty Fantastic Day...Indeed!

Well, today has been a pretty exciting day for us!
An article was published in the local paper promoting a support group we started for Type 1 Diabetes. 

I had been talking about the need for this group for quite some time with my friends and while heading out to dinner with some very dear friends a couple of months back, a friend said to me, "you really need to make this happen." And you know sometimes you just need that mental head slap. You just need someone to say the words to wake you up to what has been staring you in the face for way too long and you just don't realize it. And it clicked! YES! It was time! 

Our Meg has been living with T1D for 4 years now and we feel pretty comfortable with where we are and our ability to deal with her illness. As comfortable as you can be. BUT, I need the interaction and I know there are others out there that need it too! I talk about it with everyone that will listen - so watch out if you end up next to me in line at the grocery store! There's got to be more people out there that also need this, right? So that is what we needed to do - start a support group! Build a network of T1D families here in our local community to share in the experience and lean on for support and advice. 

Since the story ran, we have added several new members to our local online support network and several people have personally reached out and expressed interest in the group!

It is ridiculously exciting to spend time with people who "get it!"