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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Everything But The Kitchen Sink

As a T1 parent, often you feel like you have to have to be "prepared for anything at any moment." I am sure not all T1 parents are like this, but I would wager there are a lot more out there like me than not. So, we search high and low for the most efficient way to carry everything we need (see blog post "pretty things" from February 2013). 

In our case we look for the perfect combination of functionality and style! Because in that little beauty we carry: meter, lancing device and replacement lancets, test strips, glucose tablets AND a protein snack, all supplies necessary to change her insulin pump site (IV prep pad, alcohol swab, insulin cartridge, infusion set, and insulin bottle), emergency glucagon kit, replacement batteries for the pump AND meter, and a syringe. WHEW! Bet you would think this thing would be bulging, huh? But it isn't so! And it really isn't that heavy either! All in the organization! 
But what I really find lacking when we go out would be all of the "comforts of home" that have made made managing diabetes easier. The simple things that most people overlook when they eat out are what cause the most stress. The size of the cup (therefore requiring a liquid measuring cup). The size of the portions (therefore requiring solids measuring cups). Or this is the REAL biggie I find it a hardship to live without - my food scale! I could kiss the person that invented the digital NUTRITION food scale!! This bad boy comes with the "nutritional information" for approximately 2000 foods pre-programmed into the scale and a guidebook to give you the code to enter for each food. As you want to weigh out each of these foods you turn it on, enter the code for the food item, then place the food onto the scale and voila! The nutrition label pops up for THAT food that you have on the scale! TRUST ME - an expert in math I am not so this little scale has become my best friend! 
(Please know I do not work for or represent Amazon or the company that sells this scale - nor did I receive the scale for free) But this is the scale I found and we love it - Digital Nutrition Food Scale. In fact, we found it so handy, we bought an extra one to give to the school district to aid them in determining carbs at school for our daughter and any other diabetic children at the school! 

So, while I have considered taking the scale with me, I have drawn the line at doing this. I will take it with us on long trips away from home but it stays home for meals out. While I would love to KNOW what those carbs are in that meal at the restaurant, I am going to guess and fix it later because while we are open and honest with others about T1D in an effort to raise awareness, there is only so much stuff you can lug along with you. (...although I will admit to keeping a set of collapsible measuring cups in my car in a sealed baggie - for emergency purposes, of course! You never know!!!) 

With the aid of the insulin pump and the continuous blood glucose monitor (CGM), we are able to fairly closely monitor those numbers and fix the highs and lows that result from the "guesses" we chuck at a restaurant meal. I suppose the hardest part is learning not to be so hard on ourselves.