Twins Always Take Care of Each Other!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Finding the Right Doctor

You know, we have changed doctors once since our little D girl has been diagnosed. We just didn't feel comfortable at the first practice. They were cold, snippy, judgmental, not particularly understanding - all the things you DON'T want to (or need to) put up with when your family's life takes this monumental shift to "living the D life." Let me tell you, it wasn't an easy decision to make the switch. At that time we were only two years into the diagnosis and still gaining some confidence and at that time still on MDI (multiple daily injections) but hoping to get on the insulin pump. 

This is what ultimately led to our nudge in the direction of a new doctor. This old practice just seemed fairly unwilling to help us get onto the insulin pump and quite honestly made us and others (we have heard from others that have left that practice) feel incompetent and unable to handle the pump. I knew we were ready. I am a fairly well educated person and I consider myself to be extraordinarily particular about my D girl's diabetes care. Although, proving your "worth" on MDI is a pretty difficult thing to do (in my honest opinion). 

So, with some encouragement, we made the switch to a very friendly practice. The kind of place that gives you the warm and fuzzies. I don't know about you, but I personally LOVE the warm and fuzzies. Talk about bedside manor! After coming from a place where you would get frustrated trying to navigate the automated phone system trying to get a live person that half the time you would just hung up, we were in heaven when in the first phone call to this new practice we call in and a LIVE PERSON answered the phone!!! IMAGINE THAT!! And wait! It gets better! When I explained what was going on (I imagine I had a bit of frustration and desperation in my voice), they put the actual nurse practitioner on the phone! Now, remember, my daughter is not yet a patient but I get the nurse practitioner on the first phone call and she spoke to me for 45 minutes! OK, so I realize there must have been an element of really great timing on this for her to be available to speak to me for this long but for her simply to be willing to take the time if she had the time was AMAZING to me and I was SOLD! Was this our new practice??? You bet! I had a few others on my list to call but after that call I threw the list away and we have been a very happy patient of this practice ever since that phone call. 

Don't be satisfied with a doctor that doesn't treat you right. 

I have met and befriended many doctors in our D-journey and do you know what? I have found out that they are people just like you and me. Deserving of our respect? You betcha! But you get one that treats you poorly or treats you like you are less than they are or makes you feel uncomfortable to visit because you feel you are being "judged?" Then run for the hills and find a doctor that treats you properly.

I view our endocrinologist as our partner. I treat her with respect and do not expect unrealistic things of her and I expect the same. And it works out wonderfully for us. We actually look forward to our visits. 

So, good luck with your doctor and be sure to appreciate the heck out of the great doctors that are taking that extra step to make your life easier and better.... and for the docs that aren't? Well, maybe it is time to move on!