Twins Always Take Care of Each Other!

Friday, March 29, 2013

No One Invited You to Dinner Mr. High BG

So, it is FINALLY the weekend and looking forward to getting together with some friends for dinner. All looked good and we were rushing out the door and were on target to have a fun night. iPods charged for "back-up" entertainment - I was impressed - I was thinking ahead! The kids even brought headphones so they could hear what they were working on. 

Just about as soon as we arrive at the restaurant, the blood glucose numbers start climbing... CGM alarming 

And climbing... alarming some more...

And just when I think we are going to have a REAL problem - wait a minute... it levels out and starts going down a bit....

Wait... no... not so much... there it goes again! ALARMS and more ALARMS (at least I had it set on vibrate!)

So, I spent the whole night pressing a button on the CGM just waiting for that arrow to point the direction I was really almost WILLING it to go at that point. 

There wasn't any blood backed up into the site - yep, I checked. Running low on insulin? Nope, 40 units left (which for us means a pretty new site - maybe only a day into this site)! What on Earth is going on? No, tube not tangled or twisted. Hmmmmm.... So, we decided to cut the evening a little short (yes, we could have decided to do a site change in the restaurant but we weren't too far from home and it was getting a little later so we decided to excuse ourselves). 

We get home and change the infusion site and what do we find??? The culprit!!!!

That's right! Dirty, rotten - no good kinked infusion site! Kinked infusion site = little to no insulin delivery. Now, how in the world this happens under the skin I guarantee no T1D or doc will ever be able to tell you. Let's just call it a fluke. And I am sure all T1D friends will tell you that they manage to happen at the most inconvenient times. Perfect example - couldn't have happened while we were home watching a movie. Nah, wait until we were out with a crowd full of friends at a busy restaurant. Or some other good examples of when we have seen this? On the boardwalk in the summer. When the bus is literally driving down our street to pick the kids up for school! HA! Never a dull moment :-)

But at least we have found the problem and are well on our way to getting those numbers back under control!