Twins Always Take Care of Each Other!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hedging My Bets

I struggled with what to title this entry. Could have gone with any number of titles: Hedging my bets, the roller coaster ride, Murphy's Law strikes again and it goes on and on. Take your pick. 

 We started the day a bit on the high side. Now marginally high blood glucose numbers when your child is wearing an insulin pump are quite the conundrum. We were not low on insulin (meaning the cartridge of insulin was not low indicating it was almost time for an infusion site change), there was no visible blood in the infusion site - hmmmmm. 

So I decided since the number was not crazy high - 253, I would give it a shot and send her off to school and see what happens. 

Yep, get an email from the school nurse mid-morning that she is still running high. 

BG 330

Correction bolus (insulin dose) given and let's see what happens. I let her know to keep me posted. I can come to the school and change out the infusion site if necessary. 

Before lunch still high... sigh... I guessed wrong this morning. Right?!

BG 265

I start wrapping up my work and get ready to head over to the school. Oh well, no one is right all of the time, right? :-)


Drove over to the school and what do I find???

BG 147!!! A real beauty of a blood glucose number!!!! 

So, do I change out the site? NOPE - I figure, hey, it was a fluke, right? She was just having a bad BG morning. 


NAH - came come from school at 323 :-(
Seriously?! Come on! Right?!

Can't win them all!!!

Site changed - on her way back to good BG numbers now :-) 

What a day! So, while we say that we try to not let Type 1 Diabetes behind the wheel and steer our lives - sometimes T1D likes to jump up and slap us in the face with a little reminder that it likes to be a side-seat driver sometimes!