Twins Always Take Care of Each Other!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Guess Work

The PTO at our school district held a "family movie night" last night and they are always a big hit. It is an auditorium full of excited elementary school kids in their PJs with popcorn and lemonade and a fun movie with their friends... IN THE DARK!

All of us PTO moms share in the craziness by keeping an eye on the kids to keep them off of the stage, filling up the water and lemonade cups, directing parents to where the restrooms are, keeping the kids away from the laptop that is running the movie and making the popcorn. 

That was what we were doing - making popcorn... ALL night long! That popcorn machine didn't catch a break the entire movie! :-)

And when I say "WE" I mean my husband! He is the "popcorn machine master" and I am the distributor! My job is to run interference so that he doesn't have the 20 kids that are waiting in line at any given moment mobbing him and he "makes it out alive" if you know what I mean!

With a movie night, in the dark, with popcorn and lemonade comes a lot of guess work. I didn't see the faces of every kid that came up for refills. Some of them were my girls! To guess how many carbs were in how much popcorn my little diabetic was going to eat last night?? FORGET IT! I might as well just throw darts at a dart board with various carb values as the rings and that is how I could choose what to bolus for.... it is all guess work. 

Thank heavens for our trusty side-kick "CGM" (continuous glucose monitor)! Because with the new and improved range I was able to be at the back of the room and still monitor her BG levels (and I know, I know - with how much I rave about this thing you would think I was on their payroll, right? Or at least receiving kick-backs?! RIGHT! I WISH!!! This will serve as my disclaimer. I pay FULL PRICE for my CGM supplies and have no special relationship with this company.) I could fool everyone and say after about four years of guessing on carbs, we did pretty well and managed to keep her blood glucose levels well under control - insert pat on back here - LOL! But the truth is I feel fairly proficient in GUESSING carbs, as most diabetics and diabetic parents become over time, however sometimes it is just plain LUCK that gets ya through. 

So our movie night was a success! Good blood glucose levels. AND we always collect items for donation to a local organization and last night it was our local library! We always appreciate the generosity of our families willing to support our local community!