Twins Always Take Care of Each Other!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

As if Being Sick isn't Bad Enough

Here we are on May 1st and we wait and we wait and we wait for spring to finally arrive. We get some nice days then Monster Nature swoops in and takes away the sunshine again and we get some more cool and dreary rain (although, in all fairness, I will have to give Ma Nature an A+ for the next few days anyway - SUN!)

With all of these roller coaster changes in the weather (although I guess some people will tell you that is an 'old wives tale' - you now that the weather has anything to do with it) everyone seems to be getting sick with a late season cold. And it is a doozie. And I normally wouldn't complain too much because this past winter we made out pretty well, not a whole lot of sickness in our home. BUT, wouldn't you know that our little T1D catches this "whatever" going around and feels terrible. 

Most of the time, even while sick, her blood glucose levels remain fairly stable. But this illness through our normal expectations for regulated BG levels out the window. Off a bridge, really. 

For anyone reading this that may not know, when a type 1 diabetic gets sick, often their blood glucose levels will react unpredictably. Sometimes, often times, they will skyrocket... 

While some other people may experience lows that they have difficulty controlling.

We have been experiencing the HIGHS. So, we push more insulin and hope for the best. You gotta wonder, where is all of that insulin going?? Because it sure isn't doing it's job! 

So, on top of feeling sick: run-down, tired, coughing until her face turns red, congested. Then she has to deal with the complications and symptoms of high BG levels.

Type 1 Diabetes can really be a bummer sometimes. We keep our fingers crossed, our temp basal rates increased, our test strips handy and our continuous blood glucose monitor at the ready! And still every moment of every day I wish I could take this burden away and carry it for her. Just a parting thought...