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Friday, May 17, 2013

Dream Diabetes Device

YAAAAH! It is Friday! I mean, Friday is good no matter what, right?!
But it is Blog Week Friday and I have to admit, I was a little nervous. So, I hope everyone has enjoyed reading so far - but don't go anywhere, it is not over yet!

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! Today's I am going to run with one of the wild card topics of BLOG WEEK. A dream diabetes device. Now, I absolutely believe this has been "blogged" about by other D-bloggers. But for my readers that have not read those blogs - MY fantasy diabetes device would, in fact, be a carb counting device. Tie that sucker right into my smart phone so that all I have to do is take a picture of the food and BAM! This fantastic app will magically tell me the carb content of the food my daughter is about to consume so I can accurately bolus her insulin! 

WOW! Could you even imagine?? I would totally eliminate the pre-meal stress at restaurants or the melting ice cream on a hot boardwalk while I stare at the dish and WONDER how many darn carbs are hiding in there!

That being said, I think the artificial (or bionic) pancreas is a pretty darn dreamy too! In this case, we wouldn't even need a carb counter! We wouldn't even CARE how many carbs are in that ice cream! For those of you reading that may be new to what the artificial pancreas is, take a moment to watch this brief video! Artificial Pancreas Video

We would REALLY enjoy a better way to test blood glucose levels as well. While I am making a wish list, why not shoot for the stars, right? I know there are some companies out there working on this so we have our fingers crossed that something makes it to the market soon! Something! Anything other than sticking these poor little fingers 5-10 times per day and drawing blood. 

These are not "new" wishes. Every diabetic family wishes for these things. Totally wish for a working pancreas. That would be the BEST! But if we can't have that one yet, I guess we will settle for some of this pretty cool technology.