Twins Always Take Care of Each Other!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Ahhhhh memories....
BLOG WEEK Wednesday brings our topic to MEMORIES. You know, it will be hard to pick just ONE. 
How do I decide between telling our diagnosis story, or the first day my girl wore her insulin pump, or the day her CGM was run over by a car.... oh, so many goodies in there!

But I think in honor of summer approaching I will tell the story of the boardwalk. 

Every type 1 has the same tale. We start out on shots. LOTS of shots. So, my little beauty started out when she was just three-years-old receiving 4 shots per day (not unlike any other type 1 diabetic but a shock to the system for anyone - emotionally). But we adjusted. Not yet being in school made that process a bit easier because we were able to manipulate her 4-hour eating schedule to fit our needs. But as we approached summer and we headed to the shore and spent time on the boardwalk that summer, WOW did we find it difficult to plan out what time we should head to the beach and what time should we head to the boardwalk (because the shot was timed so ALL activities revolved around that shot). And, of course, it was summer - and HOT - so perhaps she was not as hungry as she normally would have been so we sure did struggle with those numbers. I would say our first summer on the boardwalk was an EPIC FAIL. They wanted treats, we were reluctant - for crying out loud - we were NEW to shots - we didn't know how to ratio that out yet... guessing those carbs. My word, what a nightmare. So, please, if there are any newly diagnosed out there reading this, please know that you are not alone, we have all been there and know how difficult it can be. 

BUT THEN, I had some fantastic friends I had met who had been constantly encouraging me to check out insulin pumps. At the time I was thinking, "WOW, that seems like A LOT of responsibility! Geez, that seems scary! I don't know if I can do that!" But she kept after me and I kept asking questions. And slowly but surely I talked myself into believing that I could do it! And TA-DA!!!

Here she is on the first day wearing her pretty PINK pump! 

This pump has CHANGED OUR LIVES!

Honestly, I regret not doing it sooner but I am just glad we did it!

AND NOW is when I get to the memories I spoke of... our first year on the boardwalk WITH an insulin pump! For the first time, we had the freedom to move freely and do what we wanted, when we wanted! We could ride the rides when we wanted, eat when we wanted, NOT eat when we didn't want to and all without the fear of highs and lows that we couldn't control! 

The photos say it was an AMAZING summer without the worries of shots and schedules. We had some FREEDOM back. Some feeling of normalcy. Not a "normal" that everyone else enjoys but as you can see, we were perfectly happy with it!