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Monday, May 13, 2013

Share and Don't Share

I am taking the leap and participating in Blog Week 2013! I am pretty excited about the challenge of writing each and every day about a pre-determined D-blog issue and then sharing it with the blogosphere! I appreciate the opportunity and hope you enjoy :-)

Today I write about our medical professionals. Our docs, nurses, etc. and the fact that - come on, let's face it, we only see them but for a few minutes every 3 months (which, granted is more than the average person sees their medical professionals) but given the weight of the medical responsibility we carry on a daily basis, this is a lot of trust. Do they know what our lives are REALLY like? I would like to believe so. Our doc's office is chocked full of Type 1 Diabetics so who better to surround yourself when seeking treatment and understanding?

When originally diagnosed, we were sent to a peds endocrinologist that was NOT "our cup of tea." And the list of things that I would not have wanted to share with THAT doctor's office would have been a mile long. We felt judged. We felt uncomfortable. We felt unwelcome. We felt "stupid." I had previously blogged about "Finding the Right Doctor" - CLICK HERE to read that blog. So, I feel it is important to find a doctor's office that you can feel "at home" with, somewhere you can open up and see them as your partner. 

We feel pretty lucky that our doc can appreciate the near OCD level of blood glucose management we strive for in our home. Don't sleep? Well, it is a small price to pay for a healthy child. 

And I have to admit, and you know if you are a loyal reader that I am a BIG fan of our continuous blood glucose monitor (CGM). What a fantastic device for the T1D mom that really leans heavily on obsessive tendencies! This device allows me to check her blood glucose levels whenever I want without having to stick her finger! She doesn't even have to know I am checking on her, which I hear from other D-moms will be nice as she approaches the teen years!

As for what I would NOT want to share? That is a tough one! I am usually a pretty open book (as anyone that knows me can testify to) so watch out if you get stuck behind me in the grocery line... you just might end up hearing my life story! Whenever I get to the doc I usually try to speak at light speed to squeeze in every possible thing that has happened since the last time we have seen her. And I am so thankful to have that kind of relationship with our doc. It makes living with T1D just a little bit less stressful knowing that they are accepting and understanding.

Though, I certainly can admit that I am as guilty as the next D-blogger, D-mom, etc. of not changing lancets in the appropriate or recommended time frame. Like - find me the person who does, right?!

Thanks for reading.