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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Spread the Love Sunday

Well, as BLOG WEEK comes to a close, I reflect on how much I have enjoyed the experience. When I initially considered signing up I thought to myself that this would be difficult to have something to say every day, but then I realized, "come on, when have I ever found it difficult to blab on about anything?!" And well, this blog is just a great outlet for my talkiness (oh yes, I am making that word up and it totally applies!) So, thanks for sticking with me and riding out blog week and learning more about type 1 diabetes and what life is like once T1D decides to come live in your home. 

Today's topic is "spread the love Sunday" and I am sharing three blogs from others that I have really enjoyed reading this week. 

First up: The Sagwabetes post on Memories - CLICK HERE to read her post. She shared her her experience in a dorm room with a low. Feeling alone. Feeling scared. The inability to recover from that experience. I can tell you as a mom of a type 1 diabetic, this is a fear for us all. My heart pounded as I read this post. Because although my little T1D is only 7-years-old, I already fear what happens the day she leaves "the nest." My only hope is that we will have a fantastic new form of treatment like the artificial pancreas (or better yet, a cure) by then!

My second post I really enjoyed was Karen's Bitter-Sweet Blog about accomplishments - CLICK HERE to read her post. It is really inspiring to hear how far she has come and gives me hope because in a lot of ways I feel like even though we are 4 years into our D-journey, we have a lot of exciting new things happening in our life (I just started blogging 3 months ago, we are starting a non-profit organization in our community to help local D-families, etc.) It is amazing the impact you can have on a large scale and Karen is living it. Thank you Karen for all you do for the diabetes community! Thank you for bringing us all together for blog week! 

And I have to say my last post that I want to recognize was from Monday's Share or Not to Share topic - CLICK HERE to see Hannah's feelings of being diagnosed. I really appreciated reading the young person's perspective and I applaud all of the young bloggers for taking the initiative for taking the effort.  Being the parent of a T1D gives me a far different perspective and I am always interested to hear the story from the other side. 

The bottom line is D-Blog week was an amazing experience and I thank Karen Graffeo for coordinating this amazing event. So many fantastic diabetic families. It was impossible to choose only three to spread the love - I loved them all. The diabetes community is truly special. A community I wish I was never a part of but proud to be a part of all at the same time. This community has become family and we all stand together and HOPE FOR A CURE!