Twins Always Take Care of Each Other!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Type Awesome

Today I write about our daughter that does not have type 1 diabetes. You know, I absolutely recognize that it must be difficult to be a child that is a sibling of a T1D. A twin no less. As much as we strive to maintain normalcy in our home, T1D lives here and there is no getting around that. We can't ignore it. We can't wish it away (although we try every day!)

So, in the diabetes community they have what they call "type awesome" and this is what is referred to as  people who support those living with T1D. I have to say again, I love the diabetes online community (or the "DOC"), they have come up with the most amazing terms. Type Awesome is a perfect example. 

S.W.A.G. bolusing is another - want to take a guess at what that means?? Well for those of you what are not familiar with diabetes jargon to begin with, a bolus is a dose of insulin to cover a high blood glucose reading or a meal/snack intake of carbs. S.W.A.G. bolusing is "Scientifically Wild A$$ Guessing" on the number of carbs you have to bolus for - imagine when you sit down at a party and have a piece of cake, do you think you could GUESS the number of carbs in that piece of cake?! Or how about when you go to the new and trendy froyo joint and make a big frozen yogurt treat with a bunch of toppings... you won't find the carbs for that in any book! So you S.W.A.G. and hope you get it right (or close) and if you don't, you fix it later!

Want to venture a guess on how many carbs are in the bowl to the left?? LOL!


Getting back to my point, we can't even go for ice cream (or frozen yogurt) without the big D jumping in the car for a tag-a-long so while I believe that both of my girls are very well adjusted, I think that sometimes my other daughter might feel a little left out. 

SOOO, I decided to introduce her to her "type" and she immediately jumped on board! She even found something to clip onto her pants to wear around as "her version" of a CGM (which is ultimately just a small stuffed Disney character on a clip) but hey, it is making her far more satisfied with her place in this arrangement. Not only does she have a name (a type) but it is an AWESOME type and she thinks it is cool (and so do I)!

I want to point out that I am very sensitive to equality in this family. Given that they are twins, I have gone out of my way to pay attention to how both girls feel and I think I have created a fair balance. Given that our T1D is on an insulin pump and a Continuous Blood Glucose monitor, we are certainly able to allow much more freedom in our lifestyle and eating habits than we did when we were on MDI (multiple daily injections). My daughter has a fantastic A1C, one that her physician is very pleased with and so am I. So, this allows me to make food choices and decisions because I am a mom, not because of diabetes. 

I think that my Type Awesome daughter is a pretty fantastic person. At this young of an age to be so responsible and caring of others, speaks to her character. T1D certainly changes a family. Not that any of us ask for it or want it, but it certainly makes us stronger. I look at both of my girls and I am so proud of them and who they are already at the age of seven, so mature and strong. I can only hope they will grow up realizing how AWESOME they both are. 

Thank you for reading!