Twins Always Take Care of Each Other!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Surprising Self-Awareness

This past weekend was our local Relay For Life event (for the American Cancer Society). We participate each year because my mom is a cancer survivor as well as other family members. We LOVE the event and strongly encourage anyone to get involved if you can in your local community (

This was the first year that I felt comfortable enough to have my husband drop the girls off at the event and he could go back to work. I stay the full 24-hours (and then some - I have always served on the planning committee and had even previously chaired our local event). So, in the past I was reluctant to also have the kids on-site without my husband there to take responsibility for them because I had other commitments day of event but this year was different. They were old enough and I had enough time to spend with them and I really enjoyed the experience!

But, of course, our old pal - Type 1 Diabetes felt the need to tag along and play a part in the festivities. 

The girls were actually planning to stay overnight with me. Yeah, a little young. But they had some serious fun and they had some friends there and they are some hard-core tough girls so I knew they could handle it... and then...

This is a view of how our evening and night went. 

No matter what I did, I could not get that darn blood sugar up!!! GRRRRR!!!!
Drasticly decreased temp basal rates, glucose tablets, food... nothing. I mean, what the heck?!

And, of course, meanwhile, there are people everywhere having fun and goofing off and the DJ is doing his thing. I am trying to put my Type Awesome to sleep a few tents down and she can't sleep (UGH). And I am realizing what a terrible idea all of this was - now all I have to do is convince THEM of that and I can take them home. But they are insisting they want to stay. And given the cause I was trying to be sympathetic to their interest. 

BUT, one way or another, we were going home. 

What really amazed me about this whole experience was the surprising self-awareness I saw in my little 7-year-old diabetic. I mean, I am not talking about her recognition of the fact that she was low. I am talking about her concern for others. I am talking about her concern for herself and her health. 

When I left the house early that morning and later when my husband dropped them off, I never expected they would be interested in spending the night so I was in no way prepared for them to sleep. I had no blankets or chairs for them to sleep. We had an invite from their friends to sleep in the "kids tent" a few tents over which our Type Awesome was more than willing to do, but my T1D was reluctant. I could see it in her face. And I knew exactly why. The thought? "Who would hear my CGM if they are all sleeping? Who will tell my Mommy if I go low or high when I am sleeping?" and so she said she wanted to sleep in our tent. I had one chair that I was planning to sleep on and I offered it to her. But she kept going lower and lower and that is when I pulled the plug and packed up our stuff and said "time to go!"

I couldn't just take her home and drop her off because again I saw concern in her face. She knows that I am the one that wakes at the CGM alarm. I am the one that monitors her BG numbers overnight. My husband is a pretty heavy sleeper and she knows it and I was surprised at her awareness and concern for herself as she is also a heavy sleeper. She will not hear the alarm and wake up if it goes off in the night. That is MY job. One I am more than happy to take on. 

So, for the first time in 6 years, I didn't stay the full 24-hours of the Relay For Life but the priority was her health. I brought her home and they showered and got into bed and it took quite some time to get that number up and YIKES then we rebounded with a vengance at about 5am. 

You know, I knew I was "jinxing" myself when I wrote that blog about having a GREAT A1C...