Twins Always Take Care of Each Other!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Summer Weather Strikes

So, we have been patiently (NOT!) waiting for the warm (HOT!) weather to arrive and we finally got our wish (YAAAH!)

Don't get me wrong, I am definitely not complaining. I want the nice weather. 

The nice weather, however, brings some complications. Well, not really complications - more challenges I would say. 

For example, yesterday. In the 90s. Beautiful sunny day. HOT! We went to support a local fundraiser event outdoors and the kids had to eat something. They didn't want to, but they had to eat something. It was lunch time, it had been a while since breakfast. It was hot. They needed energy to keep going. So, we agree on something small. 

Of course, my Type Awesome willingly eats her small lunch. My T1D? Well, that is another story. We bolus (dose her insulin) and she takes one bite and tells us she really doesn't want to eat it. Now, she is a picky eater to begin with (yeah, that is an entire separate blog I could write "the drama of the T1D picky eater") but it was HOT (did I mention how HOT it was?!) so chances were she was going to be struggling to keep those numbers up to begin with since we would be doing some walking and now I bolused her for food that she didn't appear to want to eat (unless I was prepared to forcibly cram it down her throat - CHILL folks - it is not like I would really do that!). UGH. 

So, what do we do??? You got it! Bribery! There was a water ice stand and an ice cream truck sitting right next to us and the only way I was going to get her to finish that small lunch was the promise of something cold and yummy! Usually this is a no-brainer for her. She would jump at the opportunity for a cold treat but even this was a hard sell! 

We all feel like NOT eating when it is hot and humid. You just add a layer of complication when dealing with a type 1 diabetic and you have to figure out on behalf of someone else IF they are going to eat and how much. We managed through the day with near perfect blood glucose levels (this time!) but there are and will be times that we are equally unlucky. And sure, I could claim it was experience and skill that is responsible for those great numbers, and I am sure there is an element of experience that played a part, but sometimes as the parent of a type 1 diabetic, you know that you have done everything right and the numbers just come out wrong. 

The summer certainly brings it's share of challenges. The warmer weather, in my opinion, brings more activity - requiring LESS insulin. But then it also brings more junk food (for us anyway) because we spend a lot of time at the shore - requiring MORE insulin. So, maybe it equals itself out. As long as we have our trusty tech by our side (our fantastic insulin pump and continuous blood glucose monitor, CGM) then we feel we can take on what the summer will dish out (and hopefully that will be plenty of ice cream!) J