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Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Water is our Friend?

We LOVE summer! 
The summer sun, the warm weather... and everything that goes along with it!

I have mentioned many times in my blog how our family greatly appreciates the technology that makes our lives with Type 1 Diabetes just a little easier. That insulin pump coupled with the CGM (continuous blood glucose monitor) certainly brings some freedom and normalcy back into our lives after living with MDI (multiple daily injections) for a few years. 

That being said, the technology comes with it's own set of complications. 

Going to the pool is a perfect example. Trying to keep a medical device TAPED to your body while submerged in chlorine water for a few hours a day sure presents challenges. Because the tape that comes with the device(s) really just wants to peel away and pop off after about an hour in the water. Not so great if you plan on doing a lot of swimming. 

Here is our first FAIL in the swimming pool...

Not pretty. 

My daughter reluctantly came out of the pool a little sooner than she would have liked to save the sensor, as the tape (not only the Opsite Flexifix around it but the sensor tape itself) was all but falling off. And in the interest of not having to replace a sensor that afternoon, she opted for shortening her pool time (which she really did not want to do but she chose the lesser of two evils). 

We were able to save this sensor. This is a picture of what it looked like after we dried it off and tried to just smooth the edges back down to her skin and as luck would have it, some of it re-adhered (so just imagine what it looked like when we were still in the pool - YIKES!). We then later applied a 2nd layer of Opsite Flexifix (which personally I have found I really like for any other time of year - "dry conditions." Works like a charm and even holds up to daily showers. But not so great against the pool. Pool - 1, Us - 0.

So, anyway, I am a part of this MOST AWESOME local support group and so I threw out the question. What on EARTH does everyone else do to keep their stuff on in the water?? And I got some really great suggestions. So, here is ROUND 2!
And yes, I know, I may have gone a little overboard on the tape, but come on. If you saw my little D-girl's reaction every time I had to put this sucker on, you would err on the side of caution too!

This try, thanks to my AWESOME Berks T1D Connection peeps is Mastisol (I hear this Mastisol is some serious stuff!) applied on the tape BEFORE applied on the skin. Then a second layer of tape over top of the sensor tape of Hypafix

We will test it out this week. Wish us luck!