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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

First Time at CWD FFL

Our experience at the Children With Diabetes Friends For Life Conference leaves me short on words. I have friends that attended the conference in the past and suggested we give the conference a try and first let me say, you can't go wrong with any conference held at Walt Disney World in Florida! But add in over 3000 people that live and understand the type 1 diabetes lifestyle, you can't go wrong with the description I heard flying around down there - it was like "coming home."

We were immediately greeted with Disney hospitality which is always something our family can get used to in a hurry! We walk into the registration area and found poster board after poster board of this huge, awesome collage that a volunteer had put together of the type 1s that attend. We had no trouble at all finding the picture we had submitted of the twins (although only one of the girls is type 1, we didn't want our "type awesome" to feel left out).

Upon registering, everyone receives conference bracelets. Green for the type 1s and orange for the type awesomes. This is a way for the conference staff to identify the diabetics on-site if there were an urgent medical emergency, but talk about the sense of belonging it creates for those diabetics to come to a conference to see all of those green bracelets. When they attend school, they may be the only type 1 diabetic. Or perhaps there are one or two more in their school. But at CWD FFL, they are surrounded by type 1s and there is an instant friendship. They can see and feel that they are not alone. And the T1D siblings also received some "sibling" time and our type awesome enjoyed that time the most!

We were able to meet up with some friends we have talked with online but had never met and also those that we had met maybe only once or twice before. We also spent time with friends from home that were also in attendance. 

We also had the opportunity to meet some 
exciting new friends
And, of course, there was Coco the monkey! 
Disney's new character with type 1 diabetes!

There was an amazing exhibit hall on-site where vendors set up and made themselves available to discuss their products. Many non-profits and medical organizations were also present and made for a very exciting blend of vendors to visit. They all had exciting stuff to entertain the kids which was fantastic because it allowed us parents the chance to speak with the vendors!

The most exciting part for us would be that we were due for choosing a new pump come next March. So, this was the perfect time for us to be scoping out all of the latest and greatest technology. We visited each of the companies and fell head over heels in love with going tubeless on the Omnipod. We are jumping the gun on our new pump purchase and going ahead with the Omnipod now. We are waiting for insurance company approval now! So, keep your fingers crossed for us!

Our D-girl is most excited at the thought of "decorating" her pods. She is rather artistic after all. Here is a picture of her "demo pod." They gave us one to try out while we were there. It was not filled with insulin. We just slapped it on and she wore it around and tried out the feel of it. She really enjoyed not being tethered to a pump device by a tube. Not carrying something around all of the time. This we would just attach and forget about it. NICE! We talked to several parents at the conference who made the switch and loved it.

You can see how the pod lends itself for decorating. She is already making plans for how she will decorate each pod with colorful colors and jewels!

I know, I know... the stuff we get excited about, right?! Well, it is quite exciting for us J
Thanks for listening!

And here is a little picture to let you know what we did with our spare time in Disney! Having fun, of course!