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Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Soda That Should Have Been

So, a few weeks ago we are out to dinner with family at a local chain restaurant. Good food but notorious for the sloooow service. Slow... but usually not "bad." But that night was the exception.

When living with type 1 diabetes (or having a T1D child) you quickly become acclimated with the pitfalls of dining out. First of all, most restaurants can't tell you the nutritional value of the food you are consuming (yikes, I know, right?!) requiring type 1 diabetes to GUESS the carbs in their food (easy? you think? not so much!) But you would think that a simple request could be followed. Now, I realize that the waitress could have been having a bad day and I fully recognize that people make mistakes. But when in the food service industry, mistakes can cause very severe health repercussions so mistakes are no so simple.

So, when I order a diet soda for my diabetic daughter and have found that I have to make it my regular routine to double check to make sure the person serving the food 1. remembered or 2. simply didn't screw up. I was most disappointed to find that this time.... (insert drum roll)
Yep, you guessed it! 

A REGULAR cola (GASP!!!), when we ordered a DIET!
UGH. So, if I had been too busy to taste test this soda (which would have been easy considering we had a grand total of 5 kids at our table all talking at the same time!) We would have been fighting highs blood sugar levels that would make me want to fall off of my chair! AND, the best part was when we told the waitress about the mistake, we didn't even get an apology (clearly she didn't realize the magnitude of her mistake!)

I was busy patting myself of the back and giving myself the "mommy of the year" award for deftly catching the rogue soda before it hit my D-girl's lips. But I celebrate my own victory because sometimes it is hard to be the mom of a T1D because THOSE victories are AWESOME victories but no one but other T1Ds or T1D parents seem to understand or fully appreciate the real victory in these situations. As a T1D parent, we have victories and days that, well, aren't the greatest, but at the end of the day we know we have accomplished amazing things for our kids. 

Thanks for reading!