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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Less Insulin... Imagine That!!

Sorry for my brief absence from blogging friends! We just took some time to settle in from our summer festivities at the shore and get back into a regular routine before heading back to school next week!

And well, we have been on a bit of a roller coaster ride I am a bit embarrassed to admit. I don't know why but I guess any parent of a T1D child hates to admit that any "less than perfect" numbers are anything but a failure on our part. I know, I know - it is not true... but it doesn't FEEL not true.

So, if you have been a loyal reader of my blog, you will know that about a month ago we switched insulin pumps. After living with the Animas Ping for three years (and loving that pump and the freedom of lifestyle it allows after living with MDI, or multiple daily injections, we very much appreciated all the Ping had to offer). Although, from day one we had our difficulties with the Ping. But they were difficulties that were minor in comparison to what we gained so we were willing to overlook.

One such thing would be the sites. From the get-go, we struggled with sites. Everyone talks about how they would change their insulin pump infusion sites ever three days and maybe "cheat" and get an extra day or so more out of them... well... that never worked for us. We got two days out of my daughter's sites. Pretty reliably two days. Almost exactly two days - every time. Which was OK, we were fortunate enough to have the insurance company pay for enough materials for us to change those sites every two days, but still, that turns my little D-girl's tush into a pin cushion! Sometimes we just found that perhaps there was a saturation issue but many times we were backing up with blood. Not pleasant. High blood sugars, occasional bruising of the site. But, STILL in our opinion, better than living with MDI. Freedom!

So, we attend this conference - the Children with Diabetes Friends For Life Conference in Florida this past summer and we were walking around this room where we got to look at and hold ALL of the options out there right now for pump technology. And I was like a kid in a candy store! I mean, really! I was in LOVE!

I was tempted by many a pump rep but my heart went to the Omnipod. We simply could not be pulled away from a tubeless system! I have many times - too many to count - commented about how uncomfortable it must be to constantly have "STUFF" hanging around her waist. Especially when it was hot, like REALLY hot. So, we got a demo pod and slapped it on the back of her arm and she too fell in L-O-V-E! We had the contact card filled out before we left the conference and were hoping to have the new system as soon as they would ship it to us!

All of that being said, we have been living with the the new Omnipod now for several weeks and we are still on Cloud 9! Tubeless is the way to go (for our family)! And we set it up with all of our old settings assuming it would be a smooth transition... WRONG!!

We have been fighting highs and lows non-stop since the transition. Mostly lows. And it took a moment for it to dawn on me. The cannula. The insulin delivery. We are just seeing MUCH BETTER insulin delivery out of this pump than we ever did on the ping (for our daughter). DISCLAIMER - it is different for everyone, this is what we found to be true for us.

Because the Omnipod's cannula is inserted at a 45 degree angle (as opposed to the 90 degree angle of the inset's we were using with the Ping), perhaps we will just be seeing much better results.

1. Since day 1 of Omnipod use - we have been getting the full 3 days out of the pods. WOW! I know it may not seem like much but for us, this is a HUGE deal!

2. We have FINALLY gotten a handle on the basal program. And guess what?! In comparing the Omnipod basal program to the Animas Ping basal program?
Animas - 9.963 total daily dose from basal program
Omnipod - 6.75 total daily dose from basal program
W-O-W is the only way to describe that one!!!

We have managed to back down not only her basal rates, but her I:C ratios and sensitivity factors as well.
Pretty much her entire list of settings got an overhaul with the end result of LESS INSULIN being used.
Great numbers + less insulin = one happy D momma J least until school starts and throws all of our settings out the window! LOL!
But hey, take the victories where you get them, right?