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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bionic Pancreas

Friends. Please take a moment to watch this. Please. Pretty please with artificial sweetener on top!!

VIDEO: Diabetic Children to Test Bionic Pancreas

Many times you hear me talk about the fears of being a T1D mom - especially at night.
This is the the technology that we are most excited for (except, of course, for a cure!)
We have met and seen Ed Damiano at several conferences now and are so impressed.  There are skeptics out there that always say things like "There is too much money in the medicine of treating diseases, they will never find a cure." But when you meet people like Ed, you believe one day there could be a cure. Because there are biomedical engineers with their heart and soul into finding a cure. Yes, Ed happens to have a better treatment option (not a cure) but there are wicked smart people like him around the world working on a cure and I believe.

IN THE MEAN TIME, I am so thankful for people like Ed and his amazing team who have dedicated his life's work to finding a better treatment option for my child... and all those living with type 1 diabetes. We very much look forward to the day that the FedEx man brings one of these beauties to our doorstep!

For more information on his work, please visit: Bionic Pancreas