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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Resilience of Children

Yesterday was quite a day.
Let me start by saying, children are really quite remarkable. From where they get their spirit and resilience I just don't know sometimes.

As you may be aware if you are a loyal reader of my blog, we recently changed our daughter's insulin pump from the Animas Ping to the Omnipod. And we are LOVING the new tubeless pump.

On an insulin pump, you are supposed to get three days out of an insertion site and with the Animas sites we only ever got a solid two days. Since the change-over we have very much been enjoying the full three days that most people have been enjoying all along.

But, a couple of weeks ago we started getting POD ERRORS. Meaning, the pod would alarm (LOUDLY) and shut down forcing us to switch out the pod completely. At first we didn't think much of it. Maybe a fluke? But then it kept happening. We were in touch with the company rep and worked through some possible troubleshooting and we seemed to find that there wasn't a problem with the site itself - maybe it was the equipment. But we gave it a try and kept going.

YESTERDAY, the first day back to school from the Labor Day holiday...
The kids went to school and I headed to work - normal day. Until I get an hour into the work day and get a call from the school nurse indicating that the pod was alarming - POD ERROR. Packed up my work and headed for the school, I figured I would work the rest of the day from home. Pod change #1 complete.

After I switched out the pod and headed home to begin work. About a half hour later, phone rings. Guess what? Pod was alarming - AGAIN! POD ERROR! Good thing I decided to stay and work from home, right?! So, I head back to the school and pod change #2 complete!

By this time the company rep is over-nighting a new PDM (personal diabetes manager) to me. They feel that it is likely
there is a defect with the occlusion setting in the device causing it to alarm and shut down when there really isn't a problem. OK, I can deal. At this point I am just hopeful to have a solution in sight.

Surely we are good now, right? You would bet on it, right? RIGHT??
NAH.... closing in on the end of the school day  and it is alarming again - POD ERROR!

By this point I had just received notice from FedEx that the over-night package had actually reached a fairly-local depot and before I head out the door to pick up the kids from school I call to tell them I would rather pick-up the package rather than wait until the next day for delivery. Easy you would think. But nope! The guy on the phone proceeds to tell me that since the shipper paid for shipping, that package is getting shipped! OK, now, you know by now I am about to lose my cool. I give him the "not so funny laughing" laugh and ask if he is kidding. I mean this is an urgent medical device and I need it now and I am 20 minutes away and the package has MY NAME ON IT and I will come and pick it up! NOPE, he says, "I gotta ship it!" WOW! So help me, I was going to get my hands on that package so I suggest that I have an account with FedEx, can't I call customer care and reroute the delivery to a pick-up? And he is like "oh yeah, I guess that would work."

So, while I am running out the door to pick-up the kids from school (all the while our daughter still is receiving no basal insulin at this point - her numbers were behaving I was rolling the dice on getting that package in time) I was on the phone for a half-hour with Fed-Ex customer care to arrange for the local pick-up. They FINALLY released the local pick-up and we were on our way to the store!

We finally get home and it takes another 20 minutes to re-program the PDM and apply POD #3 for the day!!!

I have to say T1D exhausted me yesterday - but our d-girl? She just went on with her day as if it were a normal day. When she was first diagnosed she took direction from me. I was strong and put on a big smile and told her everything would be alright. I had to be the strong one - and don't get me wrong, I still do. But she has reached an age where I can look at how strong she is and I am proud to admit I look up to her. She has amazing strength and courage. She handles her daily challenges with grace and ease. And sometimes when I feel a bit overwhelmed? She reminds me to be strong. Not everyone can be strong all of the time. But I certainly have found when I have the rare moments of feeling overwhelmed, she puts me at ease.

She reminds me.

Thanks for reading.