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Saturday, November 9, 2013

How WE do Halloween

The big question in the type 1 diabetic community is always... How do YOU celebrate Halloween?
Well, the candy holidays are always a little more challenging.

Type 1 diabetics CAN eat candy. Here is our T1D lesson for the day. Type 1 diabetics can eat all of the things anyone else can eat. Type 1 diabetics CAN actually drink non-diet soda/drinks if they so choose to do so. So long as a type 1 diabetic knows the carbohydrate content in what they are consuming and they are maintaining appropriate blood glucose control (meaning their blood sugar numbers are "within reason" appropriately within range), they can eat and drink the same things "normal" or non-type-1-diabetic people eat and drink. NOW, that being said, does that mean that they want to? Does that mean that they should all of the time?

I can tell you as the parent of a T1D daughter, I allow for her to be a child and want her to feel like a "normal kid" as much as possible. But that doesn't mean that I am shopping for the sugary cereals and stuffing her lunch box with fruit snacks. We do try to promote a healthier diet. I will say we are more conscious of our food choices. We do our best.

But holidays revolving around candy usually just make me cringe. Not because they have to, because it wasteful. We just don't eat that much candy. Our lives don't revolve around it maybe as much as if we were a non-type-1-diabetic family.

So, since we have an organization this year - FINALLY. An organization to support our local type 1 diabetic families (Berks T1D Connection), a bunch of us got together and thought it would be fun to do something for the kids! So, we did! And it was AMAZING! We spoke with our kids and in lieu of trick-or-treating this year we had our "Candy-Free Costume Party" and it was a smashing hit!

We can't thank enough the local Crowne Plaza that donated space to help us make it happen! We had crafts, food, zumba, games and candy-free trick-or-treating!

And the kids REALLY enjoyed decorating their own trick-or-treat bags!

We even had the "Guess How Many" that you often see at parties and picnics but we, of course threw our own spin on it by guessing how many GLUCOSE TABLETS, IV PREP PADS, AND QUARTS OF CRYSTAL LIGHT!!

So, we say from now on - BRING ON HALLOWEEN! We had a fabulous time and we appreciate all of the families and businesses that helped to make this evening possible! The evening was well attended and the kids felt like "normal" kids and even took home a bag FULL of trick-or-treat items they COULD enjoy!