Twins Always Take Care of Each Other!

Friday, December 13, 2013

We Have Grown and Gained So Much

A diagnosis of type 1 diabetes is devastating for every family that receives it. It is especially hard, in my humble opinion, when it is your child that is diagnosed. No matter which family member (and keep in mind there are some families that have more than one) is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, it changes your family dynamic forever.

Meals are no longer simple.
Snacks are no longer simple.
Bedtime and sleeping schedules are no longer simple.
Vacations and vacation planning are no longer simple.
Holidays are no longer simple.
Play dates are no longer simple.
Sleep-overs are no longer simple.
Parties are no longer simple.
Meals eaten out are no longer simple...

And the list goes on and on and on.

And the psychological impact among siblings also becomes more complex.

Certainly the more experience you gain and the technology that is out there (if your insurance is willing to pay for it and if you can afford it) can make life a bit easier and add a layer of normalcy back into your life. But once you hear that diagnosis of T1D, things have changed forever.

Although today I choose to look at the bright side. 
Over the past several years we have met so many AMAZING people.
We have learned so many things.
We have opened our eyes to realize that there are so many others out there just like our family that feel the same way we do every day.
We have started a non-profit organization to bring together local T1D families and offer support and educational/informational services. Check out or
We have been creating a lot of great awareness in our community about type 1 diabetes and it is sure to only get better!

Today my daughter's pod (insulin pump) alarmed at school (which mean it shut down and discontinued giving insulin and required a change to a new pod). And for the first time, she flew solo and changed it by herself! I didn't drive to the school and do it for her! We have always encouraged her to be a part of her diabetes care and that she learn how to care for herself in case of an emergency and she would HAVE to do it on her own. And she takes ownership of it and today she did. I couldn't be more proud of how she handles her daily struggles and challenges. To know her, most people wouldn't even know there was something "special" about her.

While T1D may have thrown us a curve ball, we choose to swing at it every single time. In all fairness and honesty, I can't say that we are knocking it out of the ballpark everyday. That would be too broad of a statement and really, T1D doesn't allow for that kind of perfection. Sometimes we get a great hit, sometimes we strike and yes, sometimes we will have days where we knock that ball right out of the ballpark. But we take it as it comes and we live and we love and we appreciate what we DO have and we try to be thankful for the amazing things that type 1 diabetes has brought into our lives.