Twins Always Take Care of Each Other!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

First Sleepover Without Mom

A lot has happened since my last blog.

The holidays.... twins birthdays... snow storms...

And the biggie! A SLEEP OVER - without ME to sleep over with the girls!
What a BIG step for any parent but especially for the parent of a type 1 diabetic child!

For the T1D parent, we worry every night when they are asleep in the next room. Imagine the worry when we are trusting either the children or the adult supervising with that monumental task of keeping them ALIVE through the night when the unspeakable can happen while everyone is asleep!

But the day had to come sooner or later and I decided to take the leap. It felt safe. It was a girl scout sleepover. It was a room full of kids and girl scout leaders. My T1D daughter wears a continuous blood glucose (CGM) so it alarms when her blood sugar levels rise too high or drop too low. And, you know, she is reaching an age where she is old enough to know enough to get herself through with what she knows.

She knows how to test.
She knows how to bolus.
She knows how to treat a low.

Only thing she maybe isn't so great at?
Paying attention to that CGM if she is busy having fun.
Feeling her highs and lows on her own (which many T1Ds can)
Guessing carbs in food if it doesn't have a the nutrition label (and really - this is an acquired skill that even after YEARS of practice, I don't have mastered!)

So, I had been texting with the leaders through the evening and night.
First oops of the night... late evening snack without bolusing (dosing insulin)... big oops. Well, her blood sugar started to skyrocket but you know. Go with the flow. Test and bolus, test and bolus - get that number back under control.

But, I think with the correction of that whopping high, there was a nose-dive low that followed throughout the night that had to be corrected maybe a couple of times.

I then got a text first thing this morning letting me know that all was OK and letting me know what the breakfast was going to be (donut holes) so I quickly flipped over to my dandy "Calorie King" app on my phone and looked up the carb content for donut holes and texted back the carb content PER donut hole she had and they were off and running again!

And it just goes to show, it can happen, it WILL be OK. It can be OK to trust. Scary... but OK.
Go ahead and ask! Did I sleep? Nah - not really too much. But hey, it was our first time. I will get better at it. And so will she.

And from all reports, the twins had a SMASHING great time at a sleep over WITHOUT their mom hovering over them!