Twins Always Take Care of Each Other!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Our Healthy New Year

Many minor changes over our last few weeks.

We have had A LOT of snow (and snow days) in our neck of the woods.

We have noticed that we need to add more "sites" for the Omnipod because for whatever reason, my daughter now seems so show signs of minor skin irritation under the site after the pod is removed. The skin is rough, or as she calls it "rumbly" for several days requiring several applications of moisturizer. So while we used to just rotate between the triceps and front of the legs, now we have added the "upper tushy" area as well.

We have also made a positive shift in our eating habits. Making baby steps toward healthier eating. I am trying to fully understand what it means to "eat healthy" and depending on who you ask, you will get different answers. Eating healthy can mean reducing carbs, reducing refined/added sugars, eliminating GMOs, etc. (or all of the above).

One thing we did was join a CSA (a local farm co-op) to receive a weekly share of farm-fresh organic produce and other items. One word - AWESOME. We love it! Take a look!

Research it, I am certain this is available in most any community. 
Every week there is something different for our family to enjoy. Something HEALTHY :-)

Yes, it may be a bit of a challenge to guess on carbs because these items do not come with nutrition labels. But they are farm fresh and I know they are healthy and full of nutrients (and not added sugar, preservatives and GMOs).

Anyway, this was our "healthy New Year's Resolution." And it is one that is EASY to stick to because not only is it healthy but it tastes GREAT. What was yours?