Twins Always Take Care of Each Other!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Berks T1D Connection Family Camp!

As I have mentioned in several previous posts, over a year ago I (along with some very dedicated friends) started a non-profit organization. 

We called it Berks T1D Connection
Through living the life of having a type 1 diabetic child and finding that there was no local support for our family, I wanted to change that and help others living with the same issues. We wanted to connect with others, learn more, have fun and I knew the possibilities could be endless!

Here we are. About a year and a half after that original comment from a friend saying, " you should start a support group." We have accomplished some pretty amazing things so far!

We have hosted social gatherings, we host a monthly support group meeting (usually with speakers) at our local hospital, we have hosted educational workshops, we even hosted a "candy-free trick-or-treat party!" 

But NOW - we are one day before our biggest endeavor ever! 
The Berks T1D Connection Family Camp!

We have SUCH an amazing weekend planned and so much hard work went into planning this weekend!
We have amazing speakers including Gary Scheiner (author of Think Like a Pancreas and Until There is a Cure), Ralph Cincinnati, CRNP, and Bennet Dunlap of the Strip Safely campaign for our adults (which include type 1 diabetic adults, type 1 parents and grandparents) and we have fun activities for the kids! We have fun and yummy food planned for the weekend! We have an exciting vendor expo with relevant companies coming to display their latest and greatest for our families! We have family camp activities like a campfire, family activities and more! And lots of great take-home items for our families!

We are very excited and hope our families have a great time! 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

T1D Tags Along

We had a great summer traveling.
The weather was great. Lots of time to enjoy the outdoors.

We did our best to now allow type 1 diabetes interfere with our great times.
Although, every once in a while it got in the way. We had no major problems or incidences so we chose to "ride the waves" and enjoy our time!
Fun times on the beach!

Pod Art
Making it fun to wear an insulin pump 24/7/365 (or as fun as it can be!)

Site change on the boardwalk!

Even after junk food all day, we still managed to get lucky with GREAT blood sugar numbers (sometimes!)
Overall we had a fantastic summer and while type 1 diabetes might have rode along, it took a ride in the back seat!
Hope you also enjoyed your summer!