Twins Always Take Care of Each Other!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

WE are not waiting!

I love me some diabetes technology!

Well, I am so thankful for what we live in a time that provides pocket-sized glucometers and tubeless insulin pumps although I can still wish for more! Who wouldn't when it is their child that lives with type 1 diabetes every hour of every day.

I try to look at myself as pretty laid back.
Although, I am not yet at a place where I could imagine saying a sleepover at a friend's house is in our future. Well, it wasn't. Perhaps now my thoughts on that have changed!


You see, there is technology out there but government regulations slow the progress and availability in the U.S.
(Although, when you consider what the FDA considers safe for food products it shocks me why their standards for medical devices are so rigid).

In any event, the Nightscout Project is an amazing technological advancement that was not released by any pharma or device company. It was created and released by parents of a type 1 diabetic and refined and advanced by those in the diabetic community and released at no charge to the public.

As I have blogged about before, my diabetic daughter wears an insulin pump and a continuous blood glucose monitor (CGM). That CGM means that she wears 24/7 a transmitter that transmits her blood sugar numbers to a receiver device and it gives new readings every 5 minutes. A fantastic piece of equipment. Although, the receiver must be within 20 feet of the transmitter. Meaning, while in school or whenever I am not with my daughter (even if she is in another part of the house playing), I often do not have access to those blood glucose readings.

So, the Nightscout project has taken this CGM data and uploaded it to a cloud server (via a hardwire connection to a cell phone). It took some work and a bit of new hardware but this allows me to remotely view my daughter's blood glucose readings from wherever she is - or wherever I am!

Which has opened new doors for us!
I am now willing to entertain opportunities for her to participate in after-school activities that I previously would have been apprehensive about or I may be willing to consider allowing sleep-overs. 

While it may take years for the industry to get there, we are so thankful for the hard work of the individuals and the families that have spent countless hours making the Nightscout Project possible so that our family and others like ours can gain a little more normalcy in daily life living with type 1 diabetes.